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    A collection of roughly 11 essential fatty acrids known as omega 3 are needed by the body for a variety of physiological activities, including as heart and brain function and inflammatory response, but which it is unable to produce. The most important forms are EPA and DHA, which are contained in the capsules. The body can simply absorb and utilise these for maximum benefit.

    High in fish oil, this softgel, contains EPA and DHA, and is one of the wonderful and useful items. You have the option to choose Omega 3, which is offered by Muscle Science, as a premium solution. It is produced under the direction of highly qualified professionals and managers who make sure that customers are given the greatest possible product. Additionally, the production process is conducted in a clean and controlled environment, which contributes to the product’s trust and effectiveness.

    Our Omega 3 softgels work to increase the bioavailability of nutrients that are ineffectively absorbed or soluble. These turn out to be one of the safer choices for assisting you in lowering a certain level of blood fat.

    In addition to this, it supports enhanced heart health as well as brain and eyesight activity. By concentrating on your total health, our product also seeks to raise your standard of living and increase the quality of your life. To ensure that you are using it in the best way possible, it is crucial that you speak with a doctor beforehand. We strive to provide the highest calibre products and support you in working on your body more effectively.

    Muscle Science Omega 3 for healthy heart and body. Muscle Science Omega 3 in fish oil has Eicosapentaenoic  (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic  (DHA). Muscle Science Omega 3 has the optimal 3:2 EPA:DHA ratio. It gives you 1000mg of pure blend of Omega 3 – 550mg EPA, 350 mg DHA and 100 mg other Omega 3. It supports healthy heart and joints.

    Promote Brain Health

    Support Healthy Heart

    Softgels with enteric coating are easily absorbed and processed by the body.

    Has positive impact on the nervous system.

    Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

    Omega 3 is a group of about 11 essential fatty acrids that the body cannot make, but requires for various physiological processes including cardiac and brain function and inflammatory response. EPA and DHA present in the capsules are the most vital forms. These are easily absorbed and processed by the body for ultimate benefit

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